Civic Car Park, Auckland

Sector: Parking / Transport
Engineers: Manu Bhagwanji, Mushafiq Bhat

Car park lighting controls

Intelligent Environments have in-depth experience in the design and programming of carpark lighting controls and were contracted by Broadspectrum to provide an upgrade path for the existing faulty lighting control system at Civic Car Park.

The Civic Car Park is a multi-storey parking facility under Aotea Square.  Located in central Auckland, it has 928 parking spaces over three underground levels providing convenient parking for Queen Street, Aotea Square, the Aotea Centre, Town Hall and iMAX.

Carpark Lighting Controls SchedulesA brief scenario of the upgraded control system is given below:

  • C-Bus relays are used to control the general and emergency lighting;
  • Touchscreen and web-based GUI allows visibility of status of lights, as well as ability to control from screen;
  • Testing of the emergency lighting can be carried out from the touchscreen: 60/90/120 minute tests;
  • Automatic scheduling of lighting is enabled, with user adjustable parameters allowing recurring and one-off schedules, changes to times, etc;
  • Carpark Emergency Lighting ControlsSmartphone/PC/Tablet visualisations for the interface;
  • Input from 230V motion sensors provides trigger to control lights after hours;
  • Remote support options available.