Simple DALI Rotary Dimmer c/w DALI PSU + Rotary Switch

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Out of the box control (no programming required). Comes with DALI PSU, plus DALI-2 rotary switch (NZ style faceplate).

Full dimmable control of DALI light fittings, relays and loads. On / off and dimmable control.

For further information see schematic and download datasheets from description tab below.

Simple DALI Rotary Dimmer (c/w rotary dimmer switch and DALI-2 PSU)

Full dimmable control of DALI light fittings with a rotary knob:

  • Up and down dimming is achieved by turning the knob left or right.
  • On and off control can be activated by pushing the switch in.
  • Works with DALI light fittings, relays and loads. On/off and dimmable control.


  • DALI-2 certified
  • Compliant to IEC 62386-301
  • Multiple control devices per line
  • Suitable for DALI-2 application controller
  • Upgradeable to match changes in DALI standards
  • Small form factor for mounting behind switch panels
  • Powered directly from DALI line, no separate supply required
  • Expandable to enable control of scenes / groups / actions / events with a zencontrol control system

Please note: for multiway dimming additional Simple DALI Pushbutton Switch(es) or Simple DALI Rotary Switch(es) will be required. Up to 30 light fittings can be controlled (if one DALI driver per fitting) but this will be dependent on DALI power availability.

Download datasheet for DALI-2 PSU          Download datasheet for DALI-2 Rotary Dimmer


  • The switch must not be connected to any mains. It is powered directly from the DALI line.
  • Input switches should be connected directly to the switch. They shall be volt-free contacts and must not be connected to mains.
  • The DALI line is not SELV. It must be treated like LV mains and treated with the same precautions and wiring regulations.

Wiring schematic

Application Rotary dimmer 1024x627 - Simple DALI Rotary Dimmer c/w DALI PSU + Rotary Switch

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Options Available:

with White Rotary Switch, with Black Rotary Switch

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