An LCS That Delivers More Than You Pay For . . .

Early on in our business journey we were told:

“You can consider offering:

      • a quality product
      • the highest level of service
      • or the lowest price

but for your business to survive, you can’t provide all three!”

Certainly, that has been our experience to date when supplying an LCS (lighting control system). We have always promoted only products that have a proven track history, that have local support, and for which spares or replacements were readily available.

Sitewise Prequalification 470x184 - An LCS That Delivers More Than You Pay For . . .We have made our mark on the industry by ensuring we are contractor-friendly, and by providing training and drawings to allow the electricians on site to cable and connect the LCS equipment. Our engineers are helpful, and although it’s not strictly their role, often help out the contractor to identify cable faults or poor connections that need to be remedied before the lighting control system can be programmed.

We are prequalified by Sitewise so the PCBU1 can be confident of our compliance with Health & Safety requirements.

We take product warranties seriously, attending site promptly post-completion, in the event of any maintenance issues. On-site personnel commonly state that our company is the “preferred supplier” as far as they are concerned.

We believe we invariably supply a superior product and the best service, but to date it has been impossible to provide both of these and be the ‘cheapest price.’

Many of our customers understand that, and building owners/facility managers place high value on the level of service we provide, and the capabilities of our staff. They appreciate that although we do our best to remain competitive, we are not necessarily the cheapest supplier. Their preference is to retain our services even if that means paying a little more.

With new construction there is unfortunately little opportunity for dialogue with the ‘end client’ i.e. the entity that will own or utilise the completed building. The contractors are usually appointed via the tender process, and in today’s cost-conscious world, the decision is invariably made on lowest price. Our electrical contractors assure us they’d prefer to work with our company every time, but their decision has been made on the lowest dollar amount to meet the minimum requirements of the spec.

In a previous blog we looked at the impact such cost-cutting can have: “Lighting Controls Technology – The Cost Of Getting It Wrong!” What we want to emphasise in this blog is that we believe we have found a way to deliver an LCS that provides all three:

  • a quality product;
  • the highest level of service;
  • and the lowest price!

Yes, it is now possible to “Get more than you pay for!” To install, or have installed, a robust, lighting control system, security built-in and expandable for the future. To work with our company, receiving superior service instead of the “get what you pay for” results normally associated with a price-driven decision. To achieve the above and yet still meet required budget and cost-saving initiatives.

At the moment this power of three is offered to our top tier clients only. To ensure you are on our client list please register your interest today.