BMS Integration

Don’t let your BMS slow you down! We can offer BACnet integration with different options to meet your monitoring and reporting needs.

BMS Integration
BMS Integration Interface

System Monitoring

You may want to monitor for faults such as lamp, device, or emergency failures.

By interfacing with your standard BMS you can make use of reporting and control to:

  • Override the control system tasks for a set period
  • Control groups with lighting level commands, or recall scenes
  • Control the occupancy state of rooms, allowing for the activation of air-conditioning and more

Power Monitoring

Perhaps you require power metering?

We can supply a BACnet power interface to receive power information from any DALI-2 compliant devices that support DT51:

  • 15-minute power data from all DALI-2 devices
  • Power data synced to the hour
  • COV notification with data rate limiting
  • Manufacturers device identification for robust data analytics
Additionally, for system providers who have difficulty with large datasets, the zencontrol that we propose, supplies Cloud APIs, which can provide the pre-formatted datasets.
BMS Integration for power metering
BMS Integration Plan View

Older BACnet Clients

For older or less capable BACnet clients we have a variant that allows for the collection and mapping of multiple zencontrol BACnet devices into a single device.

Using a server and client can be useful for systems that are unable to handle a large number of BACnet devices due to limitations from power, licencing costs, etc.

Big Data

zencontol BACnet servers can provide large amounts of data, efficiently and fast!

A typical DALI line can provide up to 3000 data points and over 6000 data points using our analytics variant.

zencontrol have installed multiple BACnet sites with in excess of 300,000 data points per site. Smart buildings can be even smarter with access to meaningful, up to date information on a scale which was previously seldom available.

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Kathmandu – Retail Stores – Call System

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