Light Management for Orams Marine Services Workshops

  • Sector: Other | Boat Storage + Servicing
  • Solution: zencontrol DALI-2 system
  • Status: Complete
  • End Client: Orams Marine Centre
  • Architect: RTA Studio
  • Engineer: Electrical Consulting Services (ECS)
  • Electrical Contractor: East Coast Bays Electrical Services
  • Controls Specialist(s): Manu Bhagwanji | Julian Beckham

Light Management System for New Worksheds

The Wynyard Quarter location known as Site 18 on the corner of Beaumont and Jellicoe Streets has been transformed into a centre for Orams Marine that includes a superyacht refit facility incorporating a travel lift shed.

Orams Marine has decades of experience in providing award-winning refits for superyachts. The most-experienced provider in Asia Pacific, Orams Marine’s reputation has yachts journeying to New Zealand from across the Pacific for both maintenance and complex refit projects. New additions to the existing marine services facility will allow Orams Marine to increase its capacity and provide the ability to haul out up to 80% of the world’s superyacht fleet.

The design for the worksheds was carefully considered. The scale and materiality of the nearby silos – iconic towers that once stored cement – are reflected in the architectural design of the 25m tall sheds with concrete facades. The height of the structures is not only practical to house superyachts but also aesthetically pleasing.

Intelligent Environments were contracted to provide the lighting controls for the light management within these new work sheds, providing a controlled environment to carry out high-quality maintenance on superyachts and other vessels.

The lighting network for these extra 2 sheds will join the one for the existing shed on-site.

These new sheds extend the capability of the 820-tonne travel lift to move boats inside and out.

The zencontrol light management system for this project utilised dimmers, relays, sensors and scene set switches to control 40 Veralux DALI high bay luminaires.

Lux-level sensors control internal high bay lighting dependent on the amount of natural light available.

The façade for the sheds is broken into gabled sections with windows that appear to randomly dot the surface. The window placement is however far from random. After dusk LED lights shine through and, when viewed from afar, the formation of the Southern Cross can be discerned – a reference to the ancient navigators who first paddled their canoes into the harbour.

In addition the façade has approximately 600 small LED lights installed in the pre-cast concrete wall. These lights are controlled by schedule.

There were two precise and different lighting elements for this project that required light management:

  • Firstly the very practical requirement to ensure appropriate lighting for the extended height workshops, and the reduction of “over-illumination” by utilising daylight harvesting.
  • Secondly, the aesthetically pleasing “feature lighting” on the external façade of the sheds. It is this element that will be most noticeable after dusk to workers and visitors to Wynyard Quarter.