Intelligent Environments Ltd are excited to be the sole New Zealand distributors for zencontrol: control system products that offer the ultimate solution in modern lighting control and building technology.

Available as wired or wireless, (or indeed a mixture of both), zencontrol systems and products are fully DALI-2 compliant and certified.

Built with a “just works” philosophyzencontrol has amazingly smart software that actually simplifies the whole design and commissioning process.

Once installed, advanced algorithms analyse the site, and identify issues, saving critical fault-finding time.

Built on the open DALI protocol, the system integrates seamlessly with all other DALI certified products, regardless of the manufacturer.

Providing much, much more than any conventional legacy system, zencontrol offer environmental sensors detecting and reporting on air-quality, sound, temperature, and more.  Cloud-based analytics provide reporting and visualisation of building performance.  Automated monitoring and reporting of emergency lighting is a given.

More information on New Zealand Projects can be found via the link.

zencontrol’s Mission:

“To enable smarter buildings by reducing the barriers and complexity traditionally found in lighting control.”

More about zencontrol

zencontrol logo - zencontrolzencontrol is based in Brisbane, Australia and is a manufacturer of lighting control products and systems incorporating DALI.  The company have been directly involved in a large number of world-class DALI installations including the Prime Minister and Cabinet offices in Canberra, Australia.

The company is represented in New Zealand by zencontrol (NZ) Ltd.

The zencontrol team prides itself on high-quality design, manufacture and service. This position is key to the company’s continual success, while their innovative capacity allows their products and solutions to stand ahead of the competition.