outdoor television enclosureAn affordable outdoor television enclosure!

Waterproof televisions are extremely costly, and still need protection from backyard hazards such as flying cricket balls, or an opportunistic thief!

A TV Shield enclosure allows you to use a cheap indoor TV outside.  The outdoor television enclosure protects the TV from our harsh New Zealand climate (rain, wind, sun, etc) as well as from dust, and insects. It also defends against accidental damage or theft.

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See below and then visit our online shop for more information on each of our TV Shield products and accessories. Click on a product to see description and photos. Scroll down for tabs providing a full product description, videos, support information, and a product enquiry form.

You can also find more information via our blog pages about TV Shield and Display Shield enclosures and accessories.


TV Shield enclosures offer affordable and exceptionally durable protection for an outside TV, as well as providing TV protection from physical damage or theft in almost any at-risk environment. Click on ‘more’ to view a video that clearly shows the durability of The TV Shield.




outdoor-television-enclosure-shop-onlineYour television is protected by the HMWPE back housing and ultra-clear Lexan polycarbonate front shield. TV Shield enclosures have dual key chamber locks to secure the front screen.

What Size Do I Need?

The TV Shield outdoor television enclosure is available in four sizes (19-30″  –  30-40″   –  40-50″   and 50-60″)  able to accommodate most flat panel TVs from 19″ to 60″. You should check carefully to ensure you order the correct size. Click ‘more’ below for more details and to download the specs.


Sizes of Enclosures


The model number e.g. 40-50 indicates the enclosure will fit most 40 to 50″ screens. However some screens that are more than 50″ may still fit dependent on the over all dimensions of the TV.

We recommend you download the manufacturer’s specifications for The TV Shield and carefully check dimensions (particularly maximum interior dimensions) against the size of your TV before ordering.

The distributor or manufacturer will not be held responsible for orders placed for screens sized over the listed specifications, and although we will accept a return, a 20% restocking fee will apply. In addition the customer will be responsible for return shipping of the unit. No refunds will be made until the full kit in undamaged original packing has been returned to base, and has passed quality checks to ensure contents are in the same condition as when dispatched. If you plan to use The TV Shield outside of the recommended and listed specifications, please make sure it will work for you before you order.

If you have any queries or need assistance please email us before placing an order.

What is included?

Each TV Shield includes the enclosure and 230V fan cooling system (and spacer kit for 19-30″ enclosures).


Sold as a Kit

outdoor television enclosureThe TV Shield® includes the relevant size enclosure, 230V fan cooling system (dual fan system for 50-60″ enclosure), and spacer kit for 19-30″ size enclosures. Spacers are incorporated in the larger size enclosures.

The TV Shield comes with a hinged opening front shield, plus dual chambered key locks to secure it closed.

Mounting Your TV + Enclosure

Our TV Shield enclosures can be paired with any standard VESA mount allowing installation of your flatscreen television within the enclosure, for ultimate TV protection in almost any situation.


Mounting Brackets

outdoor television enclosurePurchase any standard VESA wall mount, or ceiling mount dependent on your requirements.

Please note that mounting brackets vary substantially, not only in price but in quality. The important factor to check is the weight the bracket is guaranteed to support. It will need to support the weight of your television as well as the weight of the TV Shield enclosure. Weights for each size of enclosure are included in manufacturer’s specifications (see above to download these).

We do supply full motion mounts as an optional accessory. This gives you the ability to pull the TV and enclosure forward, to rotate it sideways, and to tilt it to find the perfect angle. It is shipped for free when you purchase at the same time as your Display Shield or TV Shield enclosure.

View accessories in our online store.


Each TV Shield includes the enclosure and 230V fan cooling system (and spacer kit for 19-30″ enclosures). Additional accessories are also available to protect against UV, condensation, or extreme cold. Full motion mounts are also available within the accessories section of our online store.



outdoor television enclosureAccessories can also be ordered (free shipping when ordered with enclosure) that provide further protection:

  • UV + Heat Protection Film – to protect the shield (clear front cover of the enclosure) from direct sunlight and UV degradation;
  • Moisture Control Gel Case – to prevent condensation or moisture build up within the enclosure. Recommended for outside installations and indoors where high humidity is likely;
  • TV Shield Heater with thermostatic control (for cold climates);
  • Full motion TV mount – if you are using your own mount please ensure it will hold the weight of your TV or display + the weight of the enclosure. Our enclosures weigh 50-70% less than most other enclosures, but the weight should still be taken into consideration when choosing an appropriate mount. The weight of all TV Shield and Display Shield enclosures is in the manufacturer’s specifications above.

Product Warranty

Product warranties on the TV Shield range of products are from 1 to 5 years. Download via the link below (click ‘more’).


Product Warranty

outdoor television enclosureFurther information supplied in manufacturer’s specifications downloadable above. In addition the manufacturer’s full warranty information can be downloaded via the link below:

Manufacturer’s Warranty – TV Shield Enclosures


Installation Instructions

Download TV Shield Installation Guide Or you can view the video clip on how to install your TV or Display Shield.

Photo Gallery

Click on any image below to view photo gallery showing TV Shield or Display Shield in many different environments.