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Smart Products for Intelligent Environments!

We specialise in sourcing smart products for intelligent environments!

Our business focusses on finding solutions to problems and overcoming challenges for our clients!

The required solution may be to create an intelligent environment that responds intuitively to the needs of those using that space . . . it may be to help a client integrate their building’s systems for ease of control . . . perhaps to find cost effective ways to reduce a client’s energy bill . . . or just to set up a Board Room for video conferencing?

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BACIX is a specialised unit designed to integrate a RAPIX Lighting Control System with a BACnet enabled BMS.

BACIX allows RAPIX to be integrated with a Building Management System (BMS) providing bi-directional flow of data for fully optimised control of building services.

The challenge for seamless integration between the lighting control application and the BMS has always been in defining and determining ownership of information and tasks between the two systems.

The BACIX gateway device has been developed to enable the lighting controls systems integrator to provide not only a compliant BACnet interface, but one that is compact, reliable and efficient to install and commission.

A browser based GUI enables the systems integrator to configure, commission and administer the gateway device via display of real time RAPIX zone and BACnet data. This includes all other important configuration and diagnostic data.

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Intelligent Environments Limited have been appointed the New Zealand distributor for the CommandFusion range of affordable, scalable automation products.

Whether you are a professional integrator, or a DIY enthusiast, you will enjoy the benefits CommandFusion has to offer.

The modular design and competitive pricing will appeal to the professional integrator, whilst the DIY user will have fun discovering all the features, and the potential savings.

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zencontrol g e1502328038540 - ProductsIntelligent Environments Limited are the sole New Zealand distributor for zencontrol products. We offer a variety of DALI lighting applications via our online store.

zencontrol’s DALI-2 products can be used in a wide range of standalone applications without the need for commissioning.

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