Smart Products for Intelligent Environments!

We specialise in sourcing smart products for intelligent environments!

Our business focusses on finding solutions to problems and overcoming challenges for our clients!

The required solution may be to create an intelligent environment that responds intuitively to the needs of those using that space . . . it may be to help a client advertise their business when their premises are closed . . . or perhaps to find cost effective ways to reduce a client’s energy bill . . . or it may be simply to assist in creating an outdoor living space, with all the comforts you’d expect indoors!

CommandFusion New Zealand

Intelligent Environments Limited have been appointed the New Zealand distributor for the CommandFusion range of affordable, scalable automation products.

Whether you are a professional integrator, or a DIY enthusiast, you will enjoy the benefits CommandFusion has to offer.

The modular design and competitive pricing will appeal to the professional integrator, whilst the DIY user will have fun discovering all the features, and the potential savings.

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CP Electronics energy saving controlsIntelligent Environments are the New Zealand distributor for the CP Electronics range of energy saving controls.

With a 5 year warranty on most products, CP Electronics has been a leading designer and manufacturer in the field of lighting, heating and ventilation control for over 40 years.

With cutting edge energy saving functionality, this range of stand alone sensors and other controls are intuitive, user friendly, and very easy to install. The products form part of your 230V system, and require an electrician to connect them.

Having used the products ourselves for multiple projects, we have found this range provides excellent return on investment and are pleased to offer them for purchase online.

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protective TV enclosuresA customer presented us with a major challenge when they required us to mount a flat-screen TV to serve as an informative display, running 24/7 on Auckland’s bustling waterfront.

We came across The TV Shield® range of enclosures, and imported one to use as above.

A ‘cheap as chips’ LCD TV was installed within the enclosure, and ran continuously throughout the summer. It survived all weather conditions (including a cyclone), and prevented damage from direct sun, insects, birds, and two-legged vandals!

We were so impressed we approached the manufacturer to become their distributor of TV Shield products in New Zealand and Australia.

The TV Shield range includes two types of enclosure: The TV Shield®, and The Display Shield® and a range of accessories to complement both.

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