Project Forrester

forrester - Project ForresterThis project was for the fit out of a huge scale (4000m2) data processing centre, with a spec to ensure that power can never be lost to the complex, and that back up provisions are provided to ensure this criteria can be met. Two large electrical contracting companies agreed on a joint venture at tendering stage as both realised the project was too large for either to undertake, and neither could afford to commit all their resources. The staff resources of the two companies were split into teams with each team specialising in one installation role.

Intelligent Environments Limited were initially asked to provide pricing at the tender stage, and were then confirmed to undertake the specified requirements for the lighting control aspects of the project.

This ‘joint venture’ Project Forrester, has just been awarded the etco ECANZ Excellence Award 2010, being the overall winner ‘exemplifying excellence in the New Zealand Electrical Industry. Intelligent Environments are proud to have been asked to assist with this well organised, and well resourced project, which was completed within budget and time. Congratulations to the two electrical contracting companies who received the award for this outstanding project.