Terms & Conditions – Sale of Products

We also supply smart products for intelligent environments!

In an effort to continually provide the best possible solution for the customer, the company only use products that reach their exacting standards in terms of value for money, reliability, and level of support. Please find below our terms and conditions for our two main product ranges.

Terms & Conditions for Supply – CP Electronics Products

Intelligent Environments Limited also supply products for installation by other parties. They are sole distributors for the CP Electronics range of energy saving controls in New Zealand.  Our terms & conditions for supply only of these products (whether via this website,  or by other means) can be downloaded here.

Terms & Conditions of Sale – Online purchase of Protective Enclosure Company’s Products (TV Shield, Display Shield and accessories)

Intelligent Environments Limited are also the exclusive distributors for the Protective Enclosure Company’s range of TV Shields and Display Shields in New Zealand and Australia. In purchasing a product manufactured or distributed as an accessory by Protective Enclosures via our website you agree to be bound by the terms & conditions contained here

The manufacturer’s full warranty information on the protective enclosures can also be downloaded:

Manufacturer’s Warranty – TV Shield Enclosures

Manufacturer’s Warranty – Display Shield Enclosures