Simple automation technology can handle HVAC control in commercial buildings, saving energy + money . . .


Thermostats are usually available that can be adjusted manually, or ideally programmed to ensure the temperature remains within desired parameters.

It should be easy to schedule daily thermostat adjustments but many people find the process complicated and confusing. The result is that many thermostats are never programmed, which is a pity, as significant energy saving opportunities via HVAC control are lost every day.

Energy savings

Often substantial savings could be made simply by turning off, or lowering temperatures when areas are unoccupied, and keeping lesser used areas, such as meeting rooms, at energy saving levels.

The savings could be made by manual adjustment of course, but chances are you, or your staff will forget, or be too lazy to do it!

Commercial buildings can employ simple automation technology (presence detection) to handle HVAC control, making adjustments according to occupancy, and/or by including scheduling within a more complex system such as C-Bus.