Lighting control and automation technology plays an important role in delivering the blend of service and comfort that today’s guests demand. In hospitality areas lighting has to be flexible and easy to control, whether providing for a business seminar, or intimate dining!

Setting the Mood

We can help meet all your lighting needs with exacting levels of control. Pre-set scenes allow you to achieve precisely the level of dimming required in order to set the mood – be it at the reception desk, the restaurant or the bar. With a lighting control system your lights can be controlled and monitored from touchscreens, iPad or PC as required.

Health + Wellbeing

Lighting close to windows and glass walls is often required to be tapered to preserve outward views, and to allow more natural light into an area.

Over illumination is not a healthy environment for your guests or your staff and contributes to eye strain and tiredness.

Utilising natural light where ever possible, is now felt to be the best situation for those working or relaxing in any area.

Your lighting control system can be programmed for “daylight harvesting” i.e. augmenting natural light with artificial lighting only when necessary. The light fittings can be dimmed up or down in such a way as to be unnoticeable, but to keep lux levels within predetermined parameters.

Energy Savings

When most of your guests are tucked up in their beds, is it really necessary to have lights burning wastefully throughout the building? When corridors, lift lobbies, public areas are unoccupied during the night, the lighting can be set to a low level (such as 20%). When someone enters the room or area, the automation technology sets the lights to a higher level of luminance, returning to the reduced level once the space is again vacated.


Pathway and carpark lighting can operate in similar ways. After dark, or in gloomy areas, the lighting control system can set the lights at a constantly low level, but brightening to 100% when a person or vehicle enters the space. This automated lighting control ensures safety of guests and staff is not compromised, but also conserves energy use for when it is needed.

Ease of Maintenance

With a system incorporating lighting control technology, your building services manager will be able to monitor all circuits at a glance from one central point, easily spotting any lamp failures, recording burn in times for fluorescent ballasts, adjusting schedules, making manual overrides as and when required, and so on.