Protective TV Enclosures In The Hospitality Industry

What do our protective TV enclosures have to offer the hospitality industry?

New Zealand is known for its fabulous scenery, the adventurous activities available across the country, and our ‘all year round’ outdoor lifestyle!

The TV Shield® and The Display Shield® protective TV enclosures allow you to entertain, educate, and promote your services to your customers 24/7.


For Entertainment + Communication

Protective TV Enclosure New ZealandMany hotels, restaurants, resorts and spas would love to provide outdoor TVs for customers to enjoy but fear damage from weather, pests, or vandals.

Again, with concerns about damage from water splashes, or steam, TVs are usually mounted well clear of pools and hot tubs rather than positioned where viewing can be most enjoyed.

Guests are also pleased to view helpful information, hence the increasing popularity of indoor and outdoor digital displays providing tips for visitors and local information.
When placing televisions or display screens out of doors, damage can be caused by heat from direct sun, but cold temperatures can also have detrimental effects.

Protective TV EnclosureOur weatherproof TV enclosures not only protect televisions and digital displays from rain, (or water from garden sprinklers, pool splashes, etc), but they have a thermostatically controlled fan cooling system also that ensures the television or display within the enclosure does not overheat. For colder climates there is a thermostatically controlled heater available, that makes sure temperatures within the enclosure do not drop below a level that might damage the TV or display.

The construction of our protective TV enclosure also defends against impact damage, vandalism and theft.

The Display Shield® comes in vertical versions for portrait sized digital displays, as well as standard horizontal versions.


Protective TV EnclosureOutdoor TVs or digital display boards are particularly susceptible to damage from the elements and particularly from the salt in the air.

Our protective TV enclosures are made from long-lasting HMWPE (a plastic designed for use outdoors) and are not damaged by exposure to salt, therefore offering increased protection from corrosion.


High Traffic and ‘At Risk’ Environments

Protective TV EnclosureMany establishments are subject to high pedestrian traffic through areas such as lobbies and shared public spaces. In such areas management often choose to provide protection for televisions and digital displays to defend their display investments from tampering or vandalism. Our protective TV enclosures provide an easy and cost effective solution in such situations.

Televisions placed in sports bars, beer gardens, and similar settings can often be ‘at risk’ from overly jubilant (or disgruntled) sports fans. It is not uncommon for screens to be damaged by something thrown at it. The TV Shield and Display Shield enclosures have a protective see through front screen that is made from the same material used for ‘bullet proof’ glass. Your television or display will remain safe from flying bottles or glasses, or just about any other attack it may be subjected to!