Outdoor LED Screen or Digital Display

Outdoor LED Screen, TV or Digital Display – Protective Enclosures for Commercial Settings

 –   The Display Shield range of enclosures come in both vertical and horizontal models and provide similar benefits to the TV Shield but do not allow opening of the clear front panel, and are intended for commercial applications where protection for an outdoor LED screen, digital signage or TV is required.

The Display Shield enclosure sold in New Zealand comes with fully installed fan cooling system. Single fans are fitted in the smaller and medium size enclosures, and dual fans in the 50-60 inch sizes (both vertical and horizontal).

Although enclosures can be ordered without fans, it is recommended that the fan cooling system be included where installation for outdoor LED monitors or TVs are required. Also when an indoor installation may still be subject to rises in temperature likely to have an adverse effect on the LED or LCD display or TV contained within the enclosure.

In situations where extremely high temperatures are expected, it may be necessary to install an additional fan or fans (dependent on the size of the enclosure). This can be organised on request. Please contact us for pricing information.

View Display Shield range of outdoor LED screen enclosures and LCD display enclosures.

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