Smart Home Packages

We are now launching Smart Home Packages to the New Zealand market. These packages can be purchased and installed by your electrical contractor. An Intelligent Home Package will allow the new residence to enjoy all the features of an intelligent home, including voice activation, but at a remarkably low price point. Every new home can now be smart!

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What is an 'Intelligent Home Package'?

Intelligent Environments ‘Smart Home Packages’ provide a selection of intelligent switches, sensors and controllers for homes. The Package to best suit your residence can be included as an optional extra for your new build and will be installed by your electrical contractor.

The smart devices will be pre-programmed to work ‘out of the box’ as soon as connected. You can then “fine-tune” your requirements via the Smart Home apps.

Your builder should be able to provide more information. If they haven’t heard about our Smart Home Packages, get them to give us a call.

What If I Want Changes to the Initial Set Up?

No problem! Simple programming changes can be made via the Smart Home apps, or if required, more complex programming can be carried out remotely at our standard hourly rate by our in-house team. No need to organise access to your home, and no expensive call-outs!

Smart Home Packages for Builders

Now every home can be a smart home!

Forget the high costs you’ve been quoted before . . . These pre-packaged/pre-programmed home automation systems provide a realistic solution to supply smart home technology for the average New Zealand home.

Different smart home packages can be specifically designed and set up for the range of house plans you provide. Speak to us about tailored solutions for your range of new homes.

Intelligent Home Packages for Builders - Smart Home Packages

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Langham Hotel Spa Complex

High level design and programming was required for this project as each consulting room was to be used in a variety of different ways. Intelligent Environments Limited were called in by the electrical contractor to provide the level of expertise required to ...