Professional Services

After numerous requests from clients, Intelligent Environments are now able to offer AV Consultancy services.

Remote Management 800x300 - Professional Services
Remote Management 750x400 - Professional Services

AV Consultancy - Three Stages

Our services for AV consultancy have been split into three separate stages:

Stage 1

In consultation with the client, identifying and documenting:

  1.  Scope of Works detailing AV requirements
  2.  Briefing sessions for detailing needs analysis
  3.  Test workshops covering the differing possible solutions and their suitability
  4.  Detailed summary reports

Stage 2

Assisting client with the facilitation of the building works associated with AV solutions, including the following:

  1.  Floor plans and elevation markups
  2.  Electrical and data markups
  3.  Joinery & equipment rack details
  4.  Data cabling schedules
  5.  Power requirements and schedules
  6.  Power and data point elevations
  7.  Lighting and other environment integration
  8.  Possible future technology upgrade paths and their respective allowances

Stage 3

Assisting client with the facilitation of the audiovisual tender, including the following:

  1.  Audiovisual RFP tender preparation documentation including budgetary equipment lists
  2.  Solution design line drawings
  3.  AV specific cabling schedules
  4.  Hardware installation elevations
AV Consultancy Drawings

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Langham Hotel Spa Complex

Langham Hotel Spa Complex

High level design and programming was required for this project as each consulting room was to be used in a variety of different ways. Intelligent Environments Limited were called in by the electrical contractor to provide the level of expertise required to ...