Audio Visual Solutions

In commercial buildings audio visual solutions can include all the elements we interact with at work in an audio or visual way:

Music is important to create ambience in restaurants, retails stores, etc.  In modern offices, multiple spaces are used for presentations, video conferencing, and less formal ‘catch ups’ where BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) connectivity is essential.

Integration of AV with lighting, HVAC, and other building systems is also a must when easy, seamless control is required. Our company offers complete integrated audio visual solutions to suit your budget and your needs.

Audio - Ambient Sound

Audio Solutions For Commercial Buildings

A multi zone audio system will allow the choice of multiple sources for content, and allow different areas of a building to operate independently.   An essential element in creating ambience in retail stores and hospitality venues.

Visual Displays

Visual Displays

Visual displays are everywhere in today’s workplaces. Screens and monitors will be ‘smart’ requiring internet access, and integration with building services.

Audio Visual Solutions Huddle Spaces 4955x260 - Audio Visual Solutions

Meeting Spaces / Huddle Rooms

Involving a technology integrator when planning, will ensure the most effective use of space/technology to meet your needs and your budget!

Audio Visual Solutions Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

With many teams spread across the country (or countries), providing a space that enables participants to share from remote locations is becoming an essential part of doing business today.

Bring Your Own Device


A ‘BYOD bring your own device’ initiative empowers employees/students to work from the device that suits them best e.g. responding to emails via their smartphone, accessing documents on their tablet, etc.

Building Technologies

Professional Services

We can provide standalone AV consultancy for your commercial building or a full design/build/commission package. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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Langham Hotel Spa Complex

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