A scene within your home automation system is when multiple commands, possibly to multiple devices, are connected to create one ‘scene’ enabled by a simple touch of a button, or key.

Popular scenes include

  • ‘Good Morning’ the home automation system launching this scene would typically open the blinds or drapes in the bedroom, gradually raise the lighting level, and play the morning news on the TV or via the room’s built in speakers. Additionally the under tile heating in the bathroom was activated, and the heated towel rails came on while the family was still sleeping, to ensure the bathroom is ready for when the owners hit the shower!
  • ‘Alone Time’ where scenes are created for yourself or your spouse, for times when you are truly home alone! Your favourite settings are saved within the home automation system to create your own personal scene: perhaps with lighting dimmed to a certain level, the blinds closed, the climate controls adjusted to your preference, and your favourite music playing gently in the background.
  • ‘Away’ scene when the last member of the family leaves home in the morning, the alarm is set and all lights and non-essential circuits are turned off.
  • ‘Emergency Alert’ when a fire, smoke or intruder alarm is triggered, the home automation system turns on all the lights to allow safe exit to anyone inside the home, and safe ingress for emergency services.