It’s one thing to be able to press a button to operate multiple devices for your integrated home when you are actually there; it’s quite another to be able to control your smart home system from work, or while on the road, or on vacation!

The ‘Internet of Things’ or ‘IOT’ has been in the media of late. All it really means is that devices in your smart home or workplace can be connected via the internet. Some devices may connect directly to each other, or via your home or business network, or they may connect to the cloud (a corporate server based somewhere else) and back to your home or company network.

One of the benefits of having your integrated home connected to the internet is that it allows you to control and monitor your control system from anywhere – inside, or outside your house.

Effectively this allows remote management of your smart home, and enables you to see on your phone who is ringing your front doorbell! Or allows you to turn on the heating before you leave work, so home provides a cosy welcome when you arrive! Or when away, confirm that the alarm is set, and view real time video from surveillance cameras!