Intelligent Lighting Control

For lighting to behave intelligently, it needs to respond seemingly intuitively, to the needs of those using the space.

An intelligent lighting system may include sensors that automatically dim artificial lighting if sufficient daylight is present, or turn off lights in rooms that are unoccupied. The intelligent lighting system may also be programmed to allow certain lighting ‘scenes’ to be enabled as required.

All lighting circuits included in your home automation system can be controlled in any way you wish.

You can choose to command a particular group of lights, or every fixture in the house.

A simple ‘dining’ command for example and you can have the lights set themselves to the perfect level for an elegant dinner party. Another command, on leaving home for the day, can turn all lights off.

How often do your family leave lights on when they’ve gone to bed, or left for the day? How marvellous would it be to have an intelligent lighting system that controlled the lights in exactly the way you wanted?