With open fires now a thing of the past, most residential homes have some sort of HVAC system (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning).


Such systems often include thermostats that can be programmed, or adjusted manually, to ensure temperatures in the home remain within required parameters.

Programming thermostats to schedule daily adjustments to temperature should be simple, but many people find it far from easy! Unfortunately this means that many thermostats are never programmed and opportunities for saving energy are not realised.

Saving Energy

Simply turning off, or lowering temperatures when the home is unoccupied, and ensuring areas used infrequently such as guest bedrooms are kept at power saving levels, are simple ways of saving energy.

The same savings could be achieved by manual adjustment but chances are you, or other family members will forget to do it!

Control via Home Automation

Heating and cooling in residential properties can be handled very easily by the home automation system, establishing schedules, adjusting temperatures, turning on and off as areas are occupied and then vacated.