If you have a room or area in your home dedicated to viewing TV or movies, it makes sense to integrate the media technology of the movie room with your home automation system.

TV or projector

It doesn’t have to be either/or! Some families choose to have a large TV mounted on the wall, and then a screen and projector that drop down out of the ceiling when the ‘movie room experience’ is called for!

Sound System

Speakers may be in-wall or free standing.

Theatre content

A variety of sources are often available such as Blu-ray, Apple TV, DVR, MySky . . .


Being linked to the home automation system, the same tablet that controls the volume of the movie, can be used to adjust the heating or cooling in the movie room.


Everything can be controlled multiple ways. Perhaps from an iPad mounted in a charging station on the wall, or an iPad mini or remote positioned in the seating. Pre-set scenes mean the lights automatically dim when the movie starts.

Security features

If an alarm is triggered, a phone rings, or the door bell is pushed, the system can be set to pause the movie and alert the occupants of the room.