By combining function and style, you can create a living room that is the ultimate space for relaxation, catching up on some work, or socialising with family and friends! The fully integrated smart home technology allows the electrical systems in your home such as lighting, air-conditioning, AV and security to communicate with each other, and be controlled from convenient points throughout your home. The living room, along with the kitchen, are considered by many to be the central ‘hubs’ of the home, and as such it makes sense that these areas should allow full control and monitoring of each individual area, but also of the rest of the house.

Views on demand

Balancing the demands between privacy, shade, and enjoyment of the view can be a tricky process. By installing automated shades on floor-to-ceiling windows, you can maintain privacy but keep your outlook.

Much as we may enjoy an attractive view from our windows, there are times when we feel more comfortable covering the glass.

Motorised blinds can be programmed to quietly lower, either all the way, or part way, stopping where you choose. They can be integrated via smart home technology to allow control by the same touchscreen or tablet, tied in to pre-set scenes to operate when certain lights come on, or set to close automatically when direct sun may damage furnishings.

Flexible lighting

Dimming circuits provide freedom to change the way you use the space. Lighting scenes can then be utilised to dim or brighten overhead lighting, wall lights, feature lights and so on, to provide easy one touch control to provide brighter task lighting for reading, or doing paperwork, or mood lighting for snuggling up in front of the TV.

Total control

Your smart home technology also allows more complex scenes to be created, which enables the one touch control to trigger a scene that may include adjustment of heating/cooling system, closing of blinds or drapes, and lighting (as above) as well as audio visual elements such as multi room audio, selection of sources for TV viewing, viewing life footage from security cameras, and more.

Multiple interfaces

Using a laptop, iPad or smart phone, you can control lighting, sound, temperature – even view your security cameras – without moving from the couch. However, we would always recommend several types of interface be provided for ease of control of your connected home. How frustrating to have left the iPad controlling your AV system in the kitchen, and to have to retrieve it before you can dim the lights or draw the blinds! By all means allow control from your iPad or smart phones, but also have an alternate means of control in each room, via an intelligent switch or touch pad affixed to a wall so it doesn’t go walkabout.