Heart of the home

As the central point of many homes, the kitchen is the obvious choice for siting the main touch panel or tablet to control your ‘connected home’. Adjust lights and thermostats, view and adjust schedules, watch recorded or live video from the camera at your door or gate.

Timing is everything

Schedules can help to automate mundane everyday tasks. At a pre-set time each morning the smart technology in your connected home may have turned on the lights in the kitchen and drawn the blinds, adjusted the thermostat to ensure heating/cooling is at a pleasant level, be playing your favourite news station via the inbuilt speakers, and have boiled the kettle for your morning cuppa.

This may be scheduled for different times, on different days – perhaps a later start for the weekend?

Recipes on tap . . .

. . . a tap of the screen that is. The screen that provides you with control of your home automation system, is also connected to the internet. You can search for that recipe you’ve been meaning to try, and leave the instructions to hand as you prepare the meal! Or switch to a news site, or TV on demand, and be entertained while the chores are underway.