Pathway Lighting!

Your home automation system can be programmed to illuminate safe, friendly pathways to lead your guests from the driveway to the front door, your family from the back door to the spa, or provide safe passage to any area of the garden after dusk. You can determine whether the lights are activated by schedule, by movement sensing, or when a particular door is opened.

Motion Sensing!

In addition to assisting with safety and security after dark, motion sensors can also be used to make the most of landscaping features. Strategically placed sensors can be used to activate, water features, or speakers, as well as outside lights – whatever you require to guide your guests and allow them to discover the garden at its best.

Pool Maintenance

Your home automation system can control the schedules for turning on pumps or heaters for your pool.  You may also choose to link the pool covers to the system, so they can be opened manually by the push of a button, and close  ‘automatically’  when the pool is no longer in use.

Outdoor Entertainment!

With the need for a specialist ‘outdoor TV’, setting up to enjoy TV viewing out of doors has traditionally been an expensive exercise. With the availability of the TV Shield in the New Zealand market however, any cheap as chips flat screen TV can be protected from all the conditions found in an outdoors environment.

As well as TV viewing outdoors, you may also wish to listen to music while you relax on the deck, or in the spa. Outdoor speakers can be installed to provide an additional zone for multi-room audio. The music sources and audio visual library available for inside the house, will also be available outside.

Perimeter Protection!

Living in the countryside, or on the beach has its advantages but smart home owners know that adjacent fields or beaches provide potential access points to people you may not want dropping by for a visit! If you wish to secure areas such as these without having to build high fences, a system can be installed that transmits invisible photoelectric beams across those boundaries. If the beam is broken, an alert is provided by the home automation system to warn the occupants of the house.

Water, Water, Everywhere . . .

For those living in rural areas, or who have holiday homes where mains water is not supplied, monitoring the level of water in the home’s storage tanks via the home automation system is a useful feature. When the water falls below a pre-set level for example, a text message could be sent to alert the home owner. In addition to monitoring water tanks, it is also possible to monitor the status of back-up generators, gas tanks, or diesel tanks. Sensors are used to gather data and communicate the information visually via the home’s touch panels or tablets.

Control irrigation with your home automation system.

Scheduling will ensure your landscaping features get watered regularly, whether you are there or not.

It is even possible to integrate a weather station so your sprinklers do not turn on and waste water in cases where it has already rained

Surfs Up!

View the conditions at the beach with an IP camera sited at your holiday home, aimed at the ocean. Engage the optical zoom and take a closer look before you head to the coast! You can control the camera, pan and tilt, to check out the beach (and your back yard)!