Welcome home

As you disarm the alarm, your smart home welcomes your return with safe pathway lighting from your car, automatic adjustment of heating/cooling settings, certain lights turning on – even your favourite music welcoming you inside!


When entertaining, your guests will be welcomed with driveway, pathways and landscaping lights illuminated. Water features can be enabled, with gentle music playing in the background.

Once inside your smart home, scenes can be enabled such as ‘elegant dining’, or ‘party time’ , to allow the lighting, music, heating and so on will all be set to ensure the guests, and you, have the best of times!

Screening visitors

Not all visitors are as welcome of course. An intercom or camera at the door, or at the gate, allows you to check out who’s calling by before you open the door! With smart homes, if you are not in residence, you can even have your system call you, so you can respond to your visitor, and they will have no idea you are not on the premises!

Keyless entry

With keyless entry, if your visitor is a welcome one, you could open the door remotely, and allow your visitor inside to await your arrival!

Various types of keyless access are now available and your choice will depend on how your family live your lives.