With smart home technology, every meal can be special!

Music with your meal

Flush mounted speakers in the ceiling above the table can deliver music while you enjoy your meal. Choose round speakers to resemble recessed light features, or square ones for a contemporary vibe. As part of your Multi-Room Audio system, you will be able to choose tracks or a playlist from your music library, or stream from the cloud. With smart home technology you can integrate audio visual equipment with your home automation system, or keep it ‘stand alone’.

Setting the mood

Nothing sets the mood more than appropriate lighting. Your smart home technology will allow you to have pre-set scenes for the dining room where lighting is will come at different levels of dimming according the needs of those using the room. The ‘intimate dining’ scene will no doubt be quite different from the scene pre-set for ‘homework’!

Enjoying the view / or avoiding the glare

Your motorised blinds or drapes can be integrated into your smart home technology, and either controlled independently when required, or as part of a ‘scene’ as above. You can even have the blinds set to raise or lower automatically according to the position of the sun.

Dinner and a movie

A motorised mount for your TV will enable you to control the position of the TV for optimum viewing from the dining area. Some families like to hide the TV behind a piece of artwork, which then retracts at the touch of a button to reveal the TV. Multiple options exist to make TV viewing while dining an occasional treat, but not the prime focus of the room.