Home automation systems can turn your bedroom into a perfect retreat – a place where you can relax and chill out. Simple scenes allow control of lighting, security, music, and TV from your bedside.

Goodnight scene

When programmed, a simple button press from the master bedroom and the home automation systems ensure lights elsewhere in the house dim slowly to off, and don’t get forgotten and left burning all night.

Night time alert

Woken by a strange sound outside?  Your night time alert button will activate a scene in your home automation systems to turn on all of the outside lighting, and subdued pathway lighting inside the house, so you can investigate further.

Chilling out to your favourite sounds

With the bedroom as a ‘zone’ for your multi room audio system, you can truly relax and enjoy your choice of music via the unobtrusive in-wall or in-ceiling speakers.

Instead of a shrill alarm, why not have your music wake you in the morning, gradually increasing in volume until you are up and about?

High Definition TV

Not quite the same as sitting in the movie room, but with high definition TV and 2-channel stereo, you can make the most of that late night movie before snuggling down to sleep. You can rest well, knowing that your home automation systems programmed to wake you the next morning, with soft music playing as the blinds open, and the lights gradually dim up.