Undertile heating

With smart home technology, the undertile heating can be scheduled to come on prior to the family waking up, to ensure the bathroom is comfortable for morning showers.

Extractor fans

Integrate extractor fans using smart home technology, and programme them to respond differently at different times of day. Perhaps they may be required to run longer after the morning showers, but more briefly when the bathroom is in use at other times of the day. Possibly you would prefer they do not turn on at all for a brief visit to the bathroom in the middle of the night, so the noise does not disturb those still sleeping.

Heated towel rails

As with undertile heating, significant energy savings are made when the heated towel rails only come on when needed.

Schedule them to suit your family’s requirements.


Lighting requirements will vary from general lighting of the whole area, to task lighting over the mirror or vanity for shaving, make up application etc. You may also wish to use smart home technology have the lights come on to a dimmed level only after bedtime.


Control of other elements such as mirror de-misting, music, or TV distribution can also be provided where required.