UV + Heat Protection Film for Outdoor TV Protection

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Outdoor TV protection for where enclosure is exposed to UV, or where direct sun may cause heat build up within the TV Shield or Display Shield.

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Product Description

Energy Film – UV + Heat Protection Film for Outdoor TV Protection

The manufacturer of the TV Shield recommends this product for outdoor TV protection in any installation where UV exposure is an issue or where direct sun may cause heat build up within the enclosure.

Currently the only spectrally selective self-adhering window film available, energy film uses nanoparticle technology to allow the passage of visible light wavelengths, while blocking harmful ultra violet, and heat producing infrared wavelengths.

It is applied without the need for further adhesives, and once installed remains in place until removed.

This transparent energy film reduces solar heat gain in summer, while offering excellent visual clarity with only slight tinting.

Blocks 70% of the infrared heat and 98% of the harmful UV rays that can affect your TV or Display Screen. Highly recommended for outdoor TV protection, or for outdoor protection of any digital display or monitor.

Please purchase the Energy Film according to the size of the TV Shield or Display Shield Enclosure.  The sheet size of the Energy Film is not an exact fit and although this makes it easier to install there may be space on either side of the shield that won’t be protected by the film.

FREE Shipping Australia and New Zealand when purchased with TV Shield or Display Shield, (already included when purchasing a ComPack – Complete Package).

Please download the Energy Film Application Guide

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For 19-30″ Enclosure, For 30-40″ Enclosure, For 40-50″ Enclosure, For 50-60 Enclosure

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