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GlareStopper™ non-glare film is recommended if your TV Shield or Display Shield enclosure will be installed in a bright room, or in direct sun, where reflection and glare is likely to be a problem. Order to suit the type and size of your enclosure as the GlareStopper™ film is custom manufactured to suit each particular enclosure.

Please Note: Although this product has been effective we have been unable to obtain further stock. As certain sizes sell out they will become ‘no longer available’.

See Product Description tab below for more information and download installation instructions from the Support tab.

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Product Description

Stop That Glare!

The shiny glass screen on TVs, and the shiny polycarbonate screen of your protective  ouydoor TV enclosure, are both intended to make the picture look its best (particularly in darkened rooms). If the TV is in a very bright location however, or is an outdoor TV in direct sunlight, the screen may show reflections of windows, doors, light fittings, or the sun itself.  The glare from the screen, and the reflections, can cause problems with viewing at certain times of the day.

We now offer GlareStopper™ as an optional accessory to your TV Shield or Display Shield enclosure.  Application of this film can eliminate over 90% of reflection and glare, while maintaining the HD picture.

The GlareStopper™ non-glare film has been custom manufactured to suit the size of your TV Shield or Display Shield. The size is slightly different for the TV Shield enclosures to allow for the key locks. When ordering, just choose the appropriate size for the size and type of your enclosure:

TV Shield Display Shield
19-30″ enclosure 1929GSF-TVS *NLA
30-40″ enclosure 3040GSF-TVS 3040GSF-DS
40-50″ enclosure *NLA *NLA
50-60″ enclosure 5060GSF-TVS 5060GSF-DS

*NLA = no longer available. (Although this product has been effective we have been unable to obtain further stock. As certain sizes sell out they will become ‘no longer available’.)

Direct Sun

Please note: GlareStopper™ film can be subject to heat damage if the enclosure is placed in direct sun and we cannot recommend it’s use in this instance.

Easily Removed

The GlareStopper™ film adheres to the front screen of your TV Shield or Display Shield outdoor TV enclosure as long as required, but if you wished to remove it, it can be peeled from the screen quite simply. The special backing keeps it in place but doesn’t tear or leave any residue when it is removed.

Manufacturer’s Recommendation

The manufacturer of the TV Shield and Display Shield protective enclosures recommend applying GlareStopper™ film on any outdoor TV enclosure located where reflection or sun glare is a problem.

Installation Instructions

The GlareStopper™ film must be applied to the outside surface of the enclosure screen to be effective. If your enclosure is to be installed outdoors and you also wish to use the UV + Energy Film to protect your TV from damage caused by UV + heat from the sun, then the UV + Energy Film should be applied to the inside of the enclosure’s screen.

The non-glare film can be applied in two different ways. The Glarestopper Film Wet Installation is considered preferable, but the film can also be applied using the GlareStopper Film Dry Installation method.

Printed instructions come with each product purchased but application instructions for the GlareStopper film can also be downloaded from the Support Tab above.

Additional Information

Type + Size Required:

For 19-30″ TV Shield, For 19-30″ Display Shield, For 30-40″ TV Shield, For 30-40″ Display Shield, For 40-50″ TV Shield, For 40-50″ Display Shield, For 50-60″ TV Shield, For 50-60″ Display Shield

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