Simple DALI PIR Sensors inbuilt DALI PSU

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Simple DALI PIR Sensors

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Simple DALI PIR Sensors – inbuilt DALI PSU

This range of DALI PIR sensors can be standalone in broadcast mode or can be used in conjunction with a DALI dimming switch (rotary or pushbutton). See wiring diagram for smart sensor with DALI switch.


This smart sensor allows broadcast control of DALI drivers.  As the sensor has a built-in application controller, switches (pushbuttons or rotary dimmers) can be added to the DALI output, with all working together, following the last setting.

The quantity of DALI drivers that can be controlled is subject to the amount of DALI power available. The sensor output Dali is 35 mA.

See features list below but in summary, these smart sensors can provide movement detection, and be set in presence or absence mode (absence will require a switch), have a lux level setting for daylight harvesting, and a step down to off function on time out.

To adjust default settings for time outs, absence detection etc, a handset will be required.

These smart sensors feature:

  • PIR motion sensor
  • Light level measurement
  • Programmable via IR remote
  • Inbuilt DALI power supply, 35 mA
  • Inbuilt DALI application controller
  • Full control of DALI lighting
  • Connect multiple sensors together (max 5)
  • IP65 weatherproof rating with mounting accessory
  • Switch inputs for switch models

Programmable features (IR):

  • Sensor time-out
  • Corridor mode
  • Daylight harvesting
  • Lux level, dusk (if under lux level, activate sensor)
  • Lux level, disable (if over lux level, disable sensor)

Programmable features (switch):

  • Switch type (dimmer, on / off, up / down, colour dimmer, colour warmer, colour cooler)
  • Switch actions (enable / disable sensor, enable / disable lux)
  • Switch override time


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Options available:

DALI, DALI + inbuilt DALI relay, DALI + inbuilt volt-free DALI relay, DALI + inbuilt DALI relay + two switches, DALI + inbuilt volt-free DALI relay + two switches

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