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The IR Blaster is a multi-functional IR control device. Featuring a 270° IR blaster on-board, as well as an additional 3.5mm jack for an IR emitter, you get the best of both IR control worlds – room flooding and directional control.

By flooding a room with infrared signals the IR Blaster has 270° coverage, to control all devices in a cabinet, or hard to reach devices such as ceiling fans and wall-mounted air-conditioners.

There are additional IR output and input connectors on the side, allowing an emitter to be used for more direct IR control and IR receiver placement.

SW16 Overview

CommandFusion Custom Button Panel Interface – Use Any Wall Button Panel.

The CommandFusion SW16 has 16 dry contact inputs, allowing you to integrate any existing or custom button panels with your system.

The SW16 is used to interface physical buttons to the CFLink network. With 16 x Dry contact inputs, you can connect up to 16 momentary or toggle switches to control your automation system.

Note: power supply is not included.

Dimmable LED Outputs

The 16 dimmable LED outputs and 4 dimmable backlight LED outputs can be controlled via the CFLink protocol.  As well as turning these LEDs on and off,  you can also set the dimming level of the individual outputs, in 100 steps. There are also commands to ramp between levels, blink the LED (set number of times or continously) and dim up/down in a loop. This allows the display of all sorts of feedback states via these LED outputs. Three channels of the LED outputs could even be used to drive a single RGB LED for multi-colour feedback states.

Rules Engine

Using the powerful rules engine embedded into the SW16, you can trigger basic or advanced macros from events such as button presses and releases

Custom Button Panels

You can use any off the shelf button panel and wire the buttons up to the SW16. You can also create your own custom button panels to suit any task. For example, put a few buttons together on a wall plate material of your choosing, and create physical interfaces for industrial automation tasks.

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