LAN Bridge – Ethernet + RS232 Interface

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The LAN Bridge provides an Ethernet interface to all CFLink devices, supporting a variety of Ethernet protocols and communication options:

  • CFLink BUS device with independent processor and memory
  • 1 x Ethernet socket for wired LAN connectivity
  • 1 x RS232 programming or RS232 port
  • Realtime clock with scheduling support
  • MicroSD slot for memory expansion
  • Memory used for storage of IR Files and event triggering
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The CommandFusion LAN Bridge is the Ethernet + RS232 gateway for all devices connected via the CFLink bus.

It has many advanced networking features, including the ability to communicate via TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Unicast and UDP Broadcast, all at the same time.

10 different communication slots can be defined, each with its own configuration of protocol type, port, and other options.

A maximum of 25 total TCP socket connections can be shared between each defined slot.

Note: power supply is not included.


The on-board real-time clock allows the CommandFusion LAN Bridge to be used for scheduling of events, as well as randomised “away mode” events for security reasons.

The clock can be configured to sync with a time server to ensure it’s automatically updated with Daylight Savings requirements.

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