BACIX Gateway Device

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BACIX is a specialised unit designed to integrate a RAPIX Lighting Control System with a BACnet enabled BMS.

BACIX allows RAPIX to be integrated with a Building Management System (BMS) providing bi-directional flow of data for fully optimised control of building services.

The challenge for seamless integration between the lighting control application and the BMS has always been in defining and determining ownership of information and tasks between the two systems.

The BACIX gateway device has been developed to enable the lighting controls systems integrator to provide not only a compliant BACnet interface, but one that is compact, reliable and efficient to install and commission.

A browser based GUI enables the systems integrator to configure, commission and administer the gateway device via display of real time RAPIX zone and BACnet data. This includes all other important configuration and diagnostic data.

Application Detail


Read & write capability up to 250 RAPIX zones (ability to begin from any zone ID).The application supports a total of 1000 BACnet objects in relation to the 250 RAPIX zones & a further 2 x BACnet objects for gateway diagnostics. RAPIX Common Fault & Error Code information per zone & BACIX gateway diagnostic information available via the BACnet interface to enable the Building Management System to Monitor & alert accordingly.

  • 250 x Zone Level Feedback; 250 x Zone Level Error Code; 250 x Zone Level Common Fault.
  • 250 x Zone Level Set.
  • 1 x Gateway Diagnostic Value – ‘Device in Run Mode’
  • 1 x Gateway Diagnostic Value – ‘RAPIX Zone Controller connected’

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