Intelligent Environments are specialists in the design and installation of energy saving high bay lighting control for warehouses and other commercial buildings with challenging mounting heights.

Presence Detectors

Significant energy savings can be achieved even with non-dimmable light fittings by creating zones within such a building, and having lighting triggered only when a zone is occupied.

Daylight Harvesting

Daylight harvesting can provide further savings, where natural light is available via skylights etc. This type of high bay lighting control system can result in savings of up to half of the energy costs of a standard lighting fit-out.

High Bay Sensors

To date, controlling lighting in high bay buildings has been a problem due to the necessary extended mounting heights for light fittings and sensors. The majority of sensors do not allow for a large enough detection pattern, when mounted at heights of 15m or more.

Intelligent Environments employ new sensor technology enabling mounting heights of up to 20m, but still allowing high sensitivity within the detection range only possible due to the unique lens technology. At last, a robust and inexpensive solution where high bay lighting control is required.

The CP Electronics Hi-Sense PIR presence detector was developed specifically for high bay lighting control is fully adjustable to produce an exceptionally accurate detection beam. It is also fully programmable (from ground level) via a programming handset.

Three different models allow for switching, direct dimming of digital dimming ballasts, and analogue control of 1-10V dimming ballasts. With a ‘verify’ feature, false triggering is reduced by ensuring detection from more than one of the internal sensors. IP44 rated.

These specialist high bay sensors can provide stand-alone controls within a high bay building, or be incorporated into a building wide lighting control system. Alternate models are also available as part of a wireless control system.