In the past, installing energy saving technology and/or commercial lighting control was really only possible in a new building, or where an existing building was undergoing a major renovation. The main reason for this was the need to run control cables in addition to the standard 230V cabling.

With new technology, a variety of retrofit energy saving controls for existing NZ buildings are available to help you meet your energy reduction targets.

Standalone Controls

Energy reduction targets can be met in existing buildings by using standalone presence and absence detectors to provide automatic control of lighting, heating and ventilation.

Ceiling or wall mounted sensors can be connected into the existing 230V electrical wiring, and then programmed to switch lighting on when someone enters the room, and off when the room is vacated. In the same way, heating and ventilation circuits can be controlled according to occupancy. These are simple solutions to address a retrofit energy reduction project.

Office Lighting Control

Modular systems with simple connectivity are now available providing the benefits of a scene setting office lighting control solution at an economical price. Able to control up to four independently dimmable lighting circuits for scene setting, with advanced energy saving functionality including presence detection and automatic adjustment for daylight. Again, these provide an easy to install retrofit energy saving solution.

Plug + Play

Using the CP Electronics Vitess Modular™ is a cost effective method of providing power and control for lighting installations in industrial commercial and retail buildings. The mains input is connected using the spacious wiring compartment; and control inputs and outputs are pluggable using industry standard connectors.

Easy installation options to suit any location:

  • Can be mounted directly onto slab
  • Can be mounted using channel nut fixings
  • Compatible with BESA box connection
  • Can be mounted using Marco clips

Once Vitesse Modular is installed, modules can be added (or removed) depending on future requirements.

Wireless Lighting Controls Technology

Intelligent Environments use An-10 wireless technology to allow the installation of a fully featured lighting control system with minimal disruption. The An-10 wireless lighting controls have been specifically created to embrace the advantages of wireless technology, while offering all the features and functionality demanded in a modern day lighting control system.

With no need to run costly control wires installation is simple with minimal disruption. Ideal for historic or listed buildings where disturbing the building fabric is difficult or impossible. Functionality is achieved by programming not hard wiring, creating a system that is hugely flexible, and easy to change to meet future needs.

Expansion of the system is also simple as extra devices require no additional control wiring. They are simply installed and programmed into the system.

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