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Intelligent House

What is an ‘intelligent house’? Asking this question of a variety of people/companies, will produce a variety of answers. It often seems to depend on what the individual or company is selling! Our company is… read more

Smart Home Systems Auckland

Smart Home On A Small Budget

Homeowners often think if they own an older home, they are stuck with yesterday’s technology. This is not the case. You may not be building a new home but it doesn’t mean you can’t add some… read more

LED Lighting Control

LED Lighting Control

LED Lighting Control Made Easy Introducing the GEFL-PB, a flush mounted PIR movement sensor with push button functionality. We get many queries regarding an easy LED lighting control system. You won’t find anything easier than… read more

commercial lighting control

Lighting Controls

“Lighting controls” is a term that is used to describe a variety of different things, from a simple dimmer switch that can brighten or dim a single light fitting, to a fully integrated lighting control… read more

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Wireless Music Streaming

Although digital music technology has been totally embraced by the younger generation, the “quality” of the sound has not been up to par with traditional music systems. For more than a decade we’ve become used to hearing… read more

C-Bus lighting control system New Zealand

C-Bus Lighting Control System

C-Bus cannot really be considered a ‘latest trend’ as it has a long and proven history as a prominent player in the fields of commercial lighting controls and home automation. It does however provide a… read more