Audio visual technology can include all the elements we interact with at work and at home in an audio or visual way. Systems can be set up to work independently or can be integrated with your home automation or commercial lighting control system.


Music as well as lighting is important in creating the ambience required in certain commercial premises such as, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and so on.

In the home, for many families, music plays an important part in creating a relaxing and enjoyable home environment.

Commercial premises often require audio systems that allow for hearing loops and integration with handheld or wireless microphones.

With an aging population, installation of hearing loops is also becoming a common request for residential systems.


Many homes today have televisions in virtually every room! High definition is required throughout to ensure the viewing experience is a good one. Also requested is the ability to choose from multiple sources to play movies, live TV, recorded material, music videos, or simply scroll through family photos, or any screen within the home.

Visual displays in commercial premises usually require internet access, TV reception, and be required to interface with numerous other technologies to allow for video conferencing, information sharing, and so on. Boardrooms often have many varied audio visual requirements.