Launching Our Smart Home Package Deals

We are excited to advise the launch of our new Smart Home Package deals – providing smarts for the “AVERAGE” New Zealand home.

At Intelligent Environments, our business is the design and commissioning of building technology. For commercial buildings, it’s all about making buildings function more efficiently, and providing safe, comfortable working environments.

Whenever we’ve been asked to look at a residential system, it’s always been about the “bling”, a control system that manages the home theatre, the landscaping features (water features, outdoor kitchen, pool complex) and so on. From experience, we know that the main benefits of having a “smart home” are not the elements that are demonstrated proudly to friends and neighbours, but the day to day scheduling and automation of standard tasks that just make life simpler, and yes, provide a safe, comfortable environment for those living there.

Unfortunately, the high price tag to provide a ‘smart home’ has restricted those benefits to those who can afford them, usually well out of reach of the average homeowner (in New Zealand at least).

For many years we’ve searched for technology that could be supplied as “Smart Home Package Deals” at a realistic price point to provide an intelligent system for any home, not just those with a multi-million price tag!

Using a product range that was created for the commercial market, and is therefore designed around functionality rather than “bling”, we are now able to provide “smart home packages” that can be incorporated into any new build.

These “smarts” will be seen in new show homes as they are built, and will be available to order as a simple addition to your new home or apartment. Prices for these smart home package deals will add very little to the cost of your home, but will provide immense value in functionality and future proofing.

The Smart Home packages will work seamlessly ‘out of the box’ once all devices are connected to allow control of lighting, heated towel rails, bathroom extractor fans etc. Free “smart home apps” will allow the user to set scheduling and control. The system will also integrate with Alexa if voice control is required. Additional remote support can be provided by our team for high-level programming requirements. Connection to the homeowner’s internet will be needed for full functionality (apps, Alexa, etc).

These packages are about to be launched. If you own or manage a building franchise or you are an electrical contractor providing services to a builder, please contact us for further information.

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Smart Home Package Deal - Launching Our Smart Home Package Deals