Outdoor TV for Restaurants and Bars

How can an outdoor TV increase turnover?

If you own or manage an establishment such as a restaurant, bar, or other entertainment venue, you are no doubt looking for ways to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

In today’s world your customer’s tolerance is at an all time low when it comes to waiting! Waiting to be seated, waiting to be served, waiting for their meal, waiting to pay – these are all negatives to your customer.

Installing TV screens or digital displays in appropriate places can turn these negatives into positives! For installation outside your venue you can still use a standard TV or display by using an outdoor television enclosure to protect it.

People get bored while waiting to be seated. If the wait is too long they go elsewhere.

Give them something to watch while they’re waiting: install a television in at outdoor TV enclosure at the entrance to your building where customers wait to be seated. Screen TV shows, films, information about your menu or wares, or information about your local area. Even when your venue is closed, running an advertorial can promote your business 24/7! See our Display Shields for a cost effective outdoor TV protector!


Customers at the bar get grumpy if they’re not served straight away.

A TV screen positioned for customers to view at the bar makes their wait to be served seem shorter! Old movies, youtube clips, visuals relating to your business – all can be played with the volume turned down. Installing the TV behind a protective enclosure will defend it from over exuberant customers. TV Shield provides an inexpensive TV protective cover.




When children are bored or misbehave, customers cut their meal short.

If you are able to keep kids happy, the parents will keep returning as they can relax and enjoy their time at your venue. Paper and crayons are not enough to amuse today’s sophisticated offspring. By showing children’s TV/movies on a screen(s) in one part of your venue, you will create a child friendly area to which families will gravitate. A protective TV enclosure will ensure the screen remains undamaged by over enthusiastic viewers!




Customers are frustrated when there is a wait to pay their account.

A TV screen near your till will not only keep your customers entertained while they wait, but it can also be used to promote upcoming events or special offers at your place of business.