Evolving within an ever changing market

Established as an AV integrator in 2006, ITAV has been recognised as an industry leader in providing complex audiovisual integration for whole building solutions. Their initial-focus for the company was to provide control and automation solutions to the wider audiovisual market.

ITAV has now merged with IEL to deliver technical expertise to organisations wanting sound technical advice in the application of audiovisual technologies across the many varied industry requirements.

In simple terms, IEL puts solutions in place of challenges.

Consultancy services

We offer solutions for the deployment of audiovisual technologies. This includes tender process services such as system design, budget planning, quality assurance checks, trade services coordination, and solutions implementation.

Documentation services

Documentation services cover the complete project lifecycle including needs analysis, concept design drawings, detailed system schematics, cabling and containment schedules, power, data and lighting schedules, project management, testing, commissioning and handover documents.

Our capabilities and resources remove the guess work ensuring the overall achievement of business objectives.

Understanding client requirements

Audio visual spaces such as network operation centres running 24/7, auditoriums, huddle spaces and meeting rooms are critical in today’s business operations, which can transform the way an organisation works.

Understanding client requirements (cont.)

There are many components of a solution that need to be brought together to simplify the client’s experience. IEL coordinates these components to ensure client deliverables can be met on time and within budget.

Integration with core technologies

Understanding integration ofthe key building technologies such as building management systems (BMS), audiovisual over fixed network infrastructure, IPTV design and electrical and lighting systems helps bring the full benefits of these systems together, to create a seamless experience for the client.

Green Initiatives

Our green initiatives such as BMS integration is critical in maintaining green standards across the audiovisual solution. Many AV products have made huge progress in this area over the last two years and IEL are following and recommending some of the best.

 Solutions Architect – Paul Ivory

Paul Ivory was the founder of ITAV. Having spent the last 24 years in the audio and video industries in both Australia and New Zealand, he has extensive experience in all areas from concert sound engineering, to film and TV, and to corporate AV system integration at all levels.

As lead audiovisual consultant for the Auckland Westpac Britomart buildings, Paul took this project on to win the esteemed AMX Best Project Award in 2012.

While providing AV Solutions and Intelligent Lighting Control for the award winning ASB Building on Wynyard Quarter, ITAV and IEL came together to provide a seamless integration of core technologies. The recent merge of technical expertise with ITAV & IEL builds on this success.