Terminology Explained

As the ‘Internet of Things’ (IOT) becomes a reality, home automation and smart home technology is not about the products, but about the glue that joins them together. Home automation integration is the way that glue is applied, and how easily the home owner can control the system that has been created, their “connected home”!

What should be controlled?

Smart home technology is advancing daily, and a modern home automation system can control virtually anything electrical. There are many homeowners who take full advantage of their smart home’s extensive control capability, but as with most things, the more elaborate things get, the more it’s going to cost. All the bells + whistles in the ‘top of the range’ sports car probably cost a small fortune, and it’s really no different when you start pushing the boundaries of your ‘connected home’.

The Wow factor!

It may seem cool initially to astound the neighbours with the coloured light show around the pool, or show off your ability to play a different sound track in every room of the house, and alter the volume from your iPhone. Ironically however, those ‘expensive features’ that wow you initially, will probably rarely be used.

Controlling routine tasks

Where a home automation system truly shines is when it handles the everyday, mundane tasks around the house: the turning on of lights at dusk, and off at bedtime; lowering the blinds, turning on heated towel rails, setting the alarm, and so on.

These are the features that will make a real difference to your family – feeling safer in your home, saving money on power, and simplifying your daily routines.

What is important to you?

Your home automation system should be designed around your family’s needs, your lifestyle, and your budget. Take some time to consider how your family use the home (or plan to use it if it’s not yet built). What is important to you?

You will get some ideas from the residential section of our website, but start to make a list of features you absolutely MUST HAVE, and what you would LIKE TO HAVE, if budget allows.

Concentrate your efforts on what will assist your household to run more smoothly and efficiently. If you are on a limited budget focus first on things that will bring you peace of mind, and consider saving other things to be added later.

To assist, we’ve included what we see as the major components of a home automation system. You can explore ‘room by room’ or view the different ‘solutions’ via the dropdown menu under ‘Residential’ in the top menu.

Cabling Infrastructure

If you are building a new home, or undertaking a major renovation, to create an internet connected smart home you will need the right cabling infrastructure.

We are very happy to assist with knowledge and advice to help you ensure the appropriate steps are taken at the right time so your ‘smart home’ can be created to suit your budget and your needs.

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